Nano-Crystalline Spinel Surface

ANK400 is new anti-coking cracking tube product that achieves an inner surface chemistry with a demonstrated ability to significantly reduce coking. NOVA chemicals, Canada's largest ethylene producer, developed this proprietary technology using metallurgy from Kubota, who is now marketing ANK400 to the ethylene industry. ANK400 achieves unprecedented furnace run length by dramatically lowering coke formation. This novel surface chemistry has increased run length by more than 10 times in multiple ethane crackers at NOVA's E1 and E2 plants in Joffre, Alberta. After that, in order to get the higher thermal stability in the carbon rich environment of up to 1100 degree C, improved ANK was developed and has been in commercial operation since January, 2006. It is expected to give good repeatability of excellent performance throughout the life of the coil.

Supply List of ANK400 (As of Sep.2009)

Year Country ID Coil Design
2003 Japan D Lummus SRT-V
2004 Canada B S&W 32M-coil
Canada B S&W 32M-coil
Thai E Lummus SRT-III
Kuwait F KTI 24W-coil
USA H Selas 9pass
2005 Canada B S&W 32M-coil
France G Selas 8pass
USA H KBR Millisecond
India I S&W 24W-coil
Kuwait F Technip 24W-coil
2007 Japan J Lummus SRT II i
Saudi-Arabia K Selas 9pass
UK L 6pass
India I S&W 24W-coil
2008 USA H Selas 9pass
France G Selas 8pass
Belgium M Original Design
Canada B S&W 32M-coil
France P S&W 6pass
2009 India I S&W 24W-coil
Japan O Mitsui 6pass

Excluding supply for NOVA Chemicals